Wednesday, 25 October 2017

**I have no plan, I repeat I have no plan**

She is 8 and He is 3

My babies are no longer babies. They are children, proper, actual children, That walk and talk and (closes its eyes when it goes to sleep, you win a hi 5 if you get that reference) do really cool things like read and count and go to Brownies and swim and climb high and make me swell with pride.
They also make me want to scream and cry and do whirling dervish motions too, but thankfully that element of my parenting style is less seen ( imagine the debris!!). how are we at this stage already? Gosh I sound like a battered record. Soz.

Why am I telling you this? Well here is why.....

The kids birthdays are a month and a day apart. Yep timing huh? (thankfully there is a payday in between them! PHEW!)
So I get a whole month of baby updates on time hop, and a whole month of pangs from inside that scream
"You miss your baby"
You know what?  I do sometimes, but then sometimes, most times I look and think, this really is the very best stage. 8 and 3 are brilliant ages. they actually really are. There is so much we can do.  We are totally out of nappies, the stair gates have gone and S is in a bed. I mean short of writing the UCAS form, we are pretty much there, right? We have the capacity to do more, or at least we have the impetus and the sense of freedom to do more. Days out aren't a hassle, the kids will eat most place, providing they sell pasta and chips, and we don't need a donkey cart to carry all our crap. We are mobile. We are living.

So as much as my ovaries probably won't forgive me for quite some time, for not using them again. I think I can safely say we are over the baby stage, there will be no more mini me's gracing this gorgeous earth and we are going to live.

Do you know what I mean?

I guess that element is topic on it's own, but I will touch on it and say this, we are finally not working towards the next thing, we are just living and enjoying this thing. Whatever this might be. Usually we are looking to the next baby, or the house move or the job change. Well no, those have all happened and now we are rejoicing ( that's probably the hyperbole again) in the prior planning and are living.

So what is next. 
Well, who knows? That is the beauty of not having a plan. 

I would like to spend more time here. To write for me. To read for me. To engage with others. 
I write a lot for work and I enjoy it. So I plan to write more for me.
For now, the topics will be organic and reflective of us. But I will write.
I want to.
I love it.

Off I go to live.

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