Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Oh that time.
You know, the time we all look forward to!
It's a busy old day here( like most places) if it's a week day, so bedtimes took on a routine format from pretty early on. It's key to our sanity & the good of the kids if we stick to what they know.
I found since having B & S that a routine at night allows them to quickly learn what's happening & what to expect next. 
Do you use a routine?
What works for you?

I know friends also swear by them, yet equally we all do things slightly differently. I like that though, we build our lives & structures to suit us & our babies. 
So what do we do?
I doubt much of this is ground breaking, but if it's helpful to someone who is looking for a straightforward plan then it's worth sharing for sure.

Let's get some admin out of the way first;
B is 7
S is 2
So this routine is tailored to those ages, though for the most part I'll focus on S as his element is more rigid.

We usually head upstairs around 6.30, J gets home around 5.30 so he gets a good hour with the kids before wind down, that's pretty lovely. (& often chaotic!!!... Who else has s husband who likes to play running and jumping & sara long as part of wind down? Just me? Great!)  
I digress, J prepares the milk & I order the troops towards the bathroom, S is  a happy bather so he runs along & tried to get undressed whilst simultaneously piling every bath toy EVER MADE!!! into the tub. B usually sneaks off for 5 mins peace (playing with Shopkins) whilst we run the bath, S runs around the landing & I get the Pj's sorted. 
We like a deep foamy bath with ALL the toys so that usually takes about 10 minutes and the splash! They are in!

I like to sit on the floor in the bathroom & chat about their day whilst the kids play (try to drown each other/ paint the whole room with water!) It's a nice time to catch up (whilst they can run away & pretend they can't heart ask about phonics or maths!) 
Our next step is very much DIVIDE & CONQUER! and stems from the days when I fed Sam to sleep, so J takes B & I take S. 
Off we pop, it sounds so idilic but involves much naked running and squealing (from S not me!) to his room to get Pj's on.

We use nappies still, potty training isn't on our radar just yet, so we slather on a pretty substantial layer of Bepanthan to care for that cute bottom overnight (8-12 hours stuffed into a nappy call for some serious protection) and in goes the nappy. 
We have just moved to Pj's after the summer & a quilt so it's diggers all the way and S is happy!

Story time is a favourite of mine, we have so many lovely books that it's often hard to choose, recently we have really been enjoying Oi Frog, it's hilarious! 
Whilst reading to him, S drinks his milk  and snuggles in Ted Ted gis trusty softie.

We then snuggle down & have a lovely cuddle before I carefully move him to his cot, again no plans to opt for a bed at this stage, he's an explorer! 
We've got to the stage where mostly he will let me put him down awake, mostly! So I gently whisper good night, and leave him to fall asleep on his cosy pillow.

It's s lovely time of day & all joking aside it's mostly calm & certainly looked forward to from the perspective of snoozy snuggles & lots of cuddles. 

Tell me, what works for you? 

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