Saturday, 25 July 2015

End of 4+

It's been 10 months (39 weeks) between these pictures and I don't think, along with many other us, I can fully comprehend how quickly that time has flown! 
A lot has happened since September. My little 4 year old is now almost 6!!!! She is so bright and curious. 
She is an absolute book worm and her reading is Amazing! 
She reads everything in sight! EVERYTHING! Like signs, posters, menu's, anything and everything she sees she will try and read it.  I'm constantly amazed at her talents. 
It would seem that numeracy is also her forte, just like Daddy!
She has a mind for numbers and this makes me so happy. I was, am, not at all numerically challenged but equally I am not the great mathematician, my husband, however, is! and if she follows his lead and stretches her brain in that manner then whatever life path she chooses, she will excel (no pun intended) 
She isn't a fan of sports (like her mum) she will try. It she doesn't place that upsets her. Not to the point of melt down or enough to make her want to do anything about it, but non the less it bothers her.  We have talked about how we cannot be great at everything and in fact if it were a reading or maths race she would place if not actually win.  That helped. But she was still a little bereft! In need to work on how to encourage her with this! 
She has shown me how her confidence has grown, it's something I noticed whilst on holiday. We were eating at Pizza Hut and (the sweetcorn lover that she is) she asked if she could go and get more sweetcorn from the salad bar all by herself, I was shocked, I hid this feeling, but I encouraged her and watched as my lovely little treasure skipped towards the salad bar and happily helped herself to a few spoons of corn! My heart burst and melted all at the same time. She was showing her growth,  she has grown, but equally SHE IS GROWING, THIS IS GOOD!! Jack and I looked at each other with the same feelings, pride and amazement! 
She amazes me daily, I'm biased in her awesomeness, I'm her mummy and alongside her daddy we are her greatest fans. 

It's scary to think what changes will take place over this summer let alone in the school year to come. 

I am incredibly proud of our little girl and I hope with deepest sincerity that whatever happens over the next school year, as I said to a colleague, she is happy. You know really that's all that really matters.

Talk to me about your child's experience of 4+ (reception class)