Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hello Sam

Whilst I sit comfortable & snug in my bed holding and feeding by beautiful boy, I look back at the last 11 weeks. We are on the cusp of the 12 week milestone. (You know, the one where 'it gets easier' 'things stop' 'new things start' )
I think about all the things that have gone before us..... The birth, bringing him home, introducing him to his wonderful big sister, registering him, meeting our families, meeting friends, feeding him, the long nights, the long days, the love (oh goodness THE LOVE) the joy he brings and the tears too. I think about how it felt to anticipate Sam and his birth and think how quickly all of that was over and how he is simply one of us now.  How his sister adores him and the way he looks at her, like, I can't wait to get up and play!. 
How having a second child  is not how I imagined it would be, its different, good different, but different all the same. I think about how in this time my beautiful daughter turned 5 she began school (another post) and she grew ( my goodness she grew) she's such a clever little Squidge, she makes my so incredibly proud I could burst. I think of how she has slept by my side in nights when J worked away and she wanted to be close, I think of how it felt to see my husbands face as u have birth to our son, how it felt to see him hold his boy for the first time, how J supports me and how, without him, I rely couldn't do this. I think to myself how lucky I am and  I cherish every moment of this last 11 weeks.

I have been blessed with two wonderful children, who are healthy and happy. What more could I ask for? 

Welcome to the world Beautiful Sam 

I will talk more about his arrival in another post but for posterity and whilst I am here I wanted to put down a few thoughts....

He arrived at the start of September and he turned our world upside down. He completed our family and showed me how much I could love another child! Honestly its indescribable how I feel about this little monkey! He's awesome. Just like his sister. I was scared I wouldn't feel for him the way I feel for Bella but I need not have worried, the rush of love came & it just keep on going, even  through the long nights. Whether that's because I know for certain he is out last baby or just because second time around I am finding I appreciate the small thing more.  I'm not sure. But I do know that every minute counts and it's lovely (most of the time!) 

I gave myself time away from the blog, whilst he was super tiny, so I could concentrate on my family. I feel ready now to return to blogging, to share the next chapter of our lives and to continue to immerse myself in the mummy world.