Wednesday, 30 July 2014

~~35+6 ~~

Time flies as they say! 
I sit here & rest whilst my little girl is at summer club! 
She's super excited to see friends two days a week & I'm happy to get some time to relax, nest, make crafty baby projects & watch homes under the hammer!!!! 
We are now into the home straight!
Its only a matter of single figure weeks now! That's a point I find a little daunting but also I'm ready!, we are ready! We want to meet our boy & all be together! 

So as a 'treat' (I know I'll bet you can't wait!!) I thought I would share some bump shots from the past 10 weeks or so! 

I'm not slim so early bump shots weren't all that amazing, now they are pretty cool though so take a look!! 

24 weeks 

So there you have it! 

I see a Running theme do you? 

**Maxi dresses!!!!**

Only one of which is actually a maternity one! These, dear readers, are the work of the angels, especially in the heat we have been experiencing over the past few weeks!

I'll be grateful of a few cooler days that's for sure!!!! 

Let me know in the Comments if you have found any other funky maxis that I should look out for! I love that I can wear most of these once baby is here! 

Ttfn xxx 

~~gender reveal~~

So what do you think???? 
Blue or pink??
Well we were fortunate enough to be able to have a 4D scan last weekend and we found out the gender of our little Monkey!

This is how we told people 

Its a boy!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!! 

We are soooooo thrilled & happy and so too is my little girl! She is over to the moon!!!! 

So now to start getting things ready for his arrival! I'm so excited I could burst!!!! 

So why did we choose jelly beans?? 

Well a long story short is I call my husband 'Bean' as his nickname and from there we had jelly beans as our wedding favours, and when I saw an idea to use them for a gender reveal on Pinterest, I knew it was the way forward for us! 

We altered the plan a little but I love love love the end result! 

Here he is smiling at us!!!

Happy happy days!