Wednesday, 14 May 2014

~~On the turn ~~

I rarerly get to the end of the week & find I have some fruit left! We all love fruit here!!! 

Somehow this week it was different! 
I think its down to having cake around! Shocker!! 

I hate waste & begrudge wasting money by binning my fruit that's seen its best! 

So, like many others, I cook it! 

Want to see what I came up with? 

Two rather sweet dishes that took my healthy fruit & added a couple more calories! 

Almost brown.....

Apples! Peeled, sugared & in water. Ready to boil for 20 minutes until soft & caramelly !

Then whacked into a lovely John lewis stone wear dish, topped with my Nanna's recipe for crumble topping (6oz flour, 3oz sugar, 1.5oz butter)  & voila! A whole dessert for next to nothing! 

Just waiting for the custard!!  

So what happened to the bananas?

I used this recipe...

To create two flapjack cakes! (Meant to be bars but I put all of the mix in two silicone cake moulds!) 

Mulched banana, added literally everything in the recipe, then mixed with THE BEST SPATULA ever!!! & whacked it into the moulds! 

45 minutes at 180 & they look like this...

According to my husband & work colleagues they taste delicious!!!! 

I think I'll make them again! 

Yay for fruit that's about to turn bad! 3 awesome puddings!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Expect some cooking / mummy based colabs soon with Leanne from  "my little life of scrap" Now that should be great fun! 


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