Wednesday, 28 May 2014

~~Mum & Me~~

My friend & her little one popped over for coffee.
It's  funny how your friendships change once children come along, more play dates than fancy coffee shops! 
Anyway she's a new neighbour (well we are the new ones!) & she is lovely! 
So lovely in fact that she bought me this little gift to congratulate me on the pregnancy! 

I received  a few "mum to be" gift sets when I had my first child and as grateful as I was I kinda felt they really weren't all that useful. By the time I wanted to relax and soak in the bath, I was almost a beached whale so a host of soaps and salts and scrubs really didn't float my boat, so when I saw this I was initially unsure as to what to expect! 

I was VERY pleasantly surprised! 

Inside this lovely little bag are some great little treats! Some for mum and some for baby. I'm certainly keen on what this gift set has to offer! 

It's called the *mum & me* set and its got 4 gifts inside.

Now this is the part where I went ooooh and aaaaah! 

The contents are, Bump unwind bath soak, New mum Hand Gel,  Sleep tight baby bath & a (good size) muslin square. 

Its a perfect gift. A treat for all the stages. Something to pop in my hospital bag in miniature or use now in a shower (as a bath isn't fun for me) "OCD gel" is always a winner in my book & perfect  for out & about nappy time, a soothing bath soak for baby is a clear winner and then another muslin, I mean seriously you can NEVER have enough 'muzzies' those beauties are awesome! 

The contents are brilliant!!!!!! What's not to love??? 

I would love to know who decided on the contents of this bag as they are so great and I'm not all that easily pleased generally so this is good a great accolade! 

I'm excited to see what else is in the range and would happily give this line of products as a gift too! 

Well done Cussons what a great idea!! 

*all personal opinions, this was a gift from a friend, I just love it* 

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