Thursday, 1 May 2014

~~Viable and feeling full already~~

I'm over half way, whichever way you look at it.

Generally I assume a gestation to be 42weeks  thanks to my first born and her rather late and medically induced arrival!

So when I reached 21 weeks I felt happy to say that YES I was half way!

But oh! that's three weeks ago and we are hurtling, all wheels turning head first into almost the middle month of the year! in less than 5 a month I will be 31!!!!!! ( I hate this phrase, but....) where has the time gone?
Well I think its safe to say it went on the following
Some of that isn't 'living it up' its just living, existing and getting through the day to day.

What have we learned in this almost half year/ half pregnancy?

Well your second pregnancy, as my friend correctly describes, is easily forgotten.  

"Woah that sounds harsh doesn't it? "
Well yes & no, its not that I don't care or don't think about my second child, it's more that I have a first born taking up most of my thoughts. 

Man that first pregannacy was a luxury. (sitting down resting , napping in the afternoon after work) It's only with the more frequent movements these days that I am constantly aware of baby's presence. 

We have passed the "vom phase" and the "super knackered could fall asleep on a washing line" section , and we were just into the looking fatter stage.  Now, according to co workers, I am blooming"! well that's just peachy isn't it?  I'm glad   something is looking more peachy cos its surely not my rear!!! If I didn't know better I would say im carrying  full term baby back there!!! ITS HUGE!!!  I digress.  

Its only really now that baby is moving so much & we are ready to buy, collect, get out of the loft those essentials that it feels real!!! 

Anyway! We are at 24 weeks and that makes me happy! 

With happiness comes a feeling of brave!
( I used  to have hair like Merida!, true story!) so now feels like the right time to switch my blogging focus to that of a Mummy blogger (ha OMG really, you are just a mummy???) nah!!!  I'm still everything I was before (strange yes!) but my focus alongside crafts will be all things mummy, baby and (believe it or not) early school years age related! Yes my darling first born begins reception  class in September! 

So welcome one and all!

I'll be here all week ( joke longer hopefully!) 

There's heaps in the pipeline , but for now expect  pictures & Vlogs too! 

I look forward to sharing my new experiences with you and finding new and exciting mum, baby and child based things that we can chew the fat over!!  

Thanks for stopping by! 


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