Wednesday, 25 October 2017

**I have no plan, I repeat I have no plan**

She is 8 and He is 3

My babies are no longer babies. They are children, proper, actual children, That walk and talk and (closes its eyes when it goes to sleep, you win a hi 5 if you get that reference) do really cool things like read and count and go to Brownies and swim and climb high and make me swell with pride.
They also make me want to scream and cry and do whirling dervish motions too, but thankfully that element of my parenting style is less seen ( imagine the debris!!). how are we at this stage already? Gosh I sound like a battered record. Soz.

Why am I telling you this? Well here is why.....

The kids birthdays are a month and a day apart. Yep timing huh? (thankfully there is a payday in between them! PHEW!)
So I get a whole month of baby updates on time hop, and a whole month of pangs from inside that scream
"You miss your baby"
You know what?  I do sometimes, but then sometimes, most times I look and think, this really is the very best stage. 8 and 3 are brilliant ages. they actually really are. There is so much we can do.  We are totally out of nappies, the stair gates have gone and S is in a bed. I mean short of writing the UCAS form, we are pretty much there, right? We have the capacity to do more, or at least we have the impetus and the sense of freedom to do more. Days out aren't a hassle, the kids will eat most place, providing they sell pasta and chips, and we don't need a donkey cart to carry all our crap. We are mobile. We are living.

So as much as my ovaries probably won't forgive me for quite some time, for not using them again. I think I can safely say we are over the baby stage, there will be no more mini me's gracing this gorgeous earth and we are going to live.

Do you know what I mean?

I guess that element is topic on it's own, but I will touch on it and say this, we are finally not working towards the next thing, we are just living and enjoying this thing. Whatever this might be. Usually we are looking to the next baby, or the house move or the job change. Well no, those have all happened and now we are rejoicing ( that's probably the hyperbole again) in the prior planning and are living.

So what is next. 
Well, who knows? That is the beauty of not having a plan. 

I would like to spend more time here. To write for me. To read for me. To engage with others. 
I write a lot for work and I enjoy it. So I plan to write more for me.
For now, the topics will be organic and reflective of us. But I will write.
I want to.
I love it.

Off I go to live.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Oh that time.
You know, the time we all look forward to!
It's a busy old day here( like most places) if it's a week day, so bedtimes took on a routine format from pretty early on. It's key to our sanity & the good of the kids if we stick to what they know.
I found since having B & S that a routine at night allows them to quickly learn what's happening & what to expect next. 
Do you use a routine?
What works for you?

I know friends also swear by them, yet equally we all do things slightly differently. I like that though, we build our lives & structures to suit us & our babies. 
So what do we do?
I doubt much of this is ground breaking, but if it's helpful to someone who is looking for a straightforward plan then it's worth sharing for sure.

Let's get some admin out of the way first;
B is 7
S is 2
So this routine is tailored to those ages, though for the most part I'll focus on S as his element is more rigid.

We usually head upstairs around 6.30, J gets home around 5.30 so he gets a good hour with the kids before wind down, that's pretty lovely. (& often chaotic!!!... Who else has s husband who likes to play running and jumping & sara long as part of wind down? Just me? Great!)  
I digress, J prepares the milk & I order the troops towards the bathroom, S is  a happy bather so he runs along & tried to get undressed whilst simultaneously piling every bath toy EVER MADE!!! into the tub. B usually sneaks off for 5 mins peace (playing with Shopkins) whilst we run the bath, S runs around the landing & I get the Pj's sorted. 
We like a deep foamy bath with ALL the toys so that usually takes about 10 minutes and the splash! They are in!

I like to sit on the floor in the bathroom & chat about their day whilst the kids play (try to drown each other/ paint the whole room with water!) It's a nice time to catch up (whilst they can run away & pretend they can't heart ask about phonics or maths!) 
Our next step is very much DIVIDE & CONQUER! and stems from the days when I fed Sam to sleep, so J takes B & I take S. 
Off we pop, it sounds so idilic but involves much naked running and squealing (from S not me!) to his room to get Pj's on.

We use nappies still, potty training isn't on our radar just yet, so we slather on a pretty substantial layer of Bepanthan to care for that cute bottom overnight (8-12 hours stuffed into a nappy call for some serious protection) and in goes the nappy. 
We have just moved to Pj's after the summer & a quilt so it's diggers all the way and S is happy!

Story time is a favourite of mine, we have so many lovely books that it's often hard to choose, recently we have really been enjoying Oi Frog, it's hilarious! 
Whilst reading to him, S drinks his milk  and snuggles in Ted Ted gis trusty softie.

We then snuggle down & have a lovely cuddle before I carefully move him to his cot, again no plans to opt for a bed at this stage, he's an explorer! 
We've got to the stage where mostly he will let me put him down awake, mostly! So I gently whisper good night, and leave him to fall asleep on his cosy pillow.

It's s lovely time of day & all joking aside it's mostly calm & certainly looked forward to from the perspective of snoozy snuggles & lots of cuddles. 

Tell me, what works for you? 

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

End of 4+

It's been 10 months (39 weeks) between these pictures and I don't think, along with many other us, I can fully comprehend how quickly that time has flown! 
A lot has happened since September. My little 4 year old is now almost 6!!!! She is so bright and curious. 
She is an absolute book worm and her reading is Amazing! 
She reads everything in sight! EVERYTHING! Like signs, posters, menu's, anything and everything she sees she will try and read it.  I'm constantly amazed at her talents. 
It would seem that numeracy is also her forte, just like Daddy!
She has a mind for numbers and this makes me so happy. I was, am, not at all numerically challenged but equally I am not the great mathematician, my husband, however, is! and if she follows his lead and stretches her brain in that manner then whatever life path she chooses, she will excel (no pun intended) 
She isn't a fan of sports (like her mum) she will try. It she doesn't place that upsets her. Not to the point of melt down or enough to make her want to do anything about it, but non the less it bothers her.  We have talked about how we cannot be great at everything and in fact if it were a reading or maths race she would place if not actually win.  That helped. But she was still a little bereft! In need to work on how to encourage her with this! 
She has shown me how her confidence has grown, it's something I noticed whilst on holiday. We were eating at Pizza Hut and (the sweetcorn lover that she is) she asked if she could go and get more sweetcorn from the salad bar all by herself, I was shocked, I hid this feeling, but I encouraged her and watched as my lovely little treasure skipped towards the salad bar and happily helped herself to a few spoons of corn! My heart burst and melted all at the same time. She was showing her growth,  she has grown, but equally SHE IS GROWING, THIS IS GOOD!! Jack and I looked at each other with the same feelings, pride and amazement! 
She amazes me daily, I'm biased in her awesomeness, I'm her mummy and alongside her daddy we are her greatest fans. 

It's scary to think what changes will take place over this summer let alone in the school year to come. 

I am incredibly proud of our little girl and I hope with deepest sincerity that whatever happens over the next school year, as I said to a colleague, she is happy. You know really that's all that really matters.

Talk to me about your child's experience of 4+ (reception class) 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hello Sam

Whilst I sit comfortable & snug in my bed holding and feeding by beautiful boy, I look back at the last 11 weeks. We are on the cusp of the 12 week milestone. (You know, the one where 'it gets easier' 'things stop' 'new things start' )
I think about all the things that have gone before us..... The birth, bringing him home, introducing him to his wonderful big sister, registering him, meeting our families, meeting friends, feeding him, the long nights, the long days, the love (oh goodness THE LOVE) the joy he brings and the tears too. I think about how it felt to anticipate Sam and his birth and think how quickly all of that was over and how he is simply one of us now.  How his sister adores him and the way he looks at her, like, I can't wait to get up and play!. 
How having a second child  is not how I imagined it would be, its different, good different, but different all the same. I think about how in this time my beautiful daughter turned 5 she began school (another post) and she grew ( my goodness she grew) she's such a clever little Squidge, she makes my so incredibly proud I could burst. I think of how she has slept by my side in nights when J worked away and she wanted to be close, I think of how it felt to see my husbands face as u have birth to our son, how it felt to see him hold his boy for the first time, how J supports me and how, without him, I rely couldn't do this. I think to myself how lucky I am and  I cherish every moment of this last 11 weeks.

I have been blessed with two wonderful children, who are healthy and happy. What more could I ask for? 

Welcome to the world Beautiful Sam 

I will talk more about his arrival in another post but for posterity and whilst I am here I wanted to put down a few thoughts....

He arrived at the start of September and he turned our world upside down. He completed our family and showed me how much I could love another child! Honestly its indescribable how I feel about this little monkey! He's awesome. Just like his sister. I was scared I wouldn't feel for him the way I feel for Bella but I need not have worried, the rush of love came & it just keep on going, even  through the long nights. Whether that's because I know for certain he is out last baby or just because second time around I am finding I appreciate the small thing more.  I'm not sure. But I do know that every minute counts and it's lovely (most of the time!) 

I gave myself time away from the blog, whilst he was super tiny, so I could concentrate on my family. I feel ready now to return to blogging, to share the next chapter of our lives and to continue to immerse myself in the mummy world. 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

~~the boys nursery~~

Pinterest has a lot to answer for! 

I've been aware for quite some time that a baby blue nursery wasn't for us. 

There's so much inspiration online that I found I really wanted to go bold! Thanks to awesome ideas from over the pond we hoped that we could achieve something a little different. 

Bean and I love the bold colours of 'jungle themes' but didn't actually want a jungle theme, or any animal mural ideas going on . We just wanted a relatively timeless/ ageless decor that would grow with our little boy. 

So this is what we came up with....


We knew that stripes were our goal, we searched for paper but alas it couldn't be found in a colourway we liked, so instead, we embraced the frog tape and Bean made the stripes himself!! 

We are both over the moon with the outcome! It is indeed (to me) very Pinterest!

 Its different but not crazy. 

The colours are bold, but familiar.

 Its a stimulating palette, but hopefully still enough to allow baby to sleep. 
Its nothing short of everything I wanted! 

Its perfect! 

The circle might well look odd, but for those race car lovers out there you will probably realise there will be something going in that space.

Not a number though, no!

A letter! 
Baby's first initial will go into that space once he is here and we are 100% sure on his name! 

A better view!! 
In time the cotbed will go in here andthe crib   (without those bumpers I might add) will be in our room.

This room makes me so very happy! 

Its perfect for our tastes! I just hope little monkey likes it too!! 

There's more room reveals to share, such as inside the wardrobe and the drawers etc. I think those will be best saved for a video instead!! 

Let me know what you think! 

S xxx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

~~35+6 ~~

Time flies as they say! 
I sit here & rest whilst my little girl is at summer club! 
She's super excited to see friends two days a week & I'm happy to get some time to relax, nest, make crafty baby projects & watch homes under the hammer!!!! 
We are now into the home straight!
Its only a matter of single figure weeks now! That's a point I find a little daunting but also I'm ready!, we are ready! We want to meet our boy & all be together! 

So as a 'treat' (I know I'll bet you can't wait!!) I thought I would share some bump shots from the past 10 weeks or so! 

I'm not slim so early bump shots weren't all that amazing, now they are pretty cool though so take a look!! 

24 weeks 

So there you have it! 

I see a Running theme do you? 

**Maxi dresses!!!!**

Only one of which is actually a maternity one! These, dear readers, are the work of the angels, especially in the heat we have been experiencing over the past few weeks!

I'll be grateful of a few cooler days that's for sure!!!! 

Let me know in the Comments if you have found any other funky maxis that I should look out for! I love that I can wear most of these once baby is here! 

Ttfn xxx 

~~gender reveal~~

So what do you think???? 
Blue or pink??
Well we were fortunate enough to be able to have a 4D scan last weekend and we found out the gender of our little Monkey!

This is how we told people 

Its a boy!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!! 

We are soooooo thrilled & happy and so too is my little girl! She is over to the moon!!!! 

So now to start getting things ready for his arrival! I'm so excited I could burst!!!! 

So why did we choose jelly beans?? 

Well a long story short is I call my husband 'Bean' as his nickname and from there we had jelly beans as our wedding favours, and when I saw an idea to use them for a gender reveal on Pinterest, I knew it was the way forward for us! 

We altered the plan a little but I love love love the end result! 

Here he is smiling at us!!!

Happy happy days!